SPACE HULK Warhammer 40k Board Game 3rd edition PERFECT CONDITION in BICKLEY, Western Australia for sale

SPACE HULK Warhammer 40k Board Game 3rd edition PERFECT
SPACE HULK Warhammer 40k Board Game 3rd edition PERFECT
SPACE HULK Warhammer 40k Board Game 3rd edition PERFECT
SPACE HULK Warhammer 40k Board Game 3rd edition PERFECT

Rare! Great introductory game to the world and workings of Warhammer 40k.
Space Hulk 3rd Edition (2009?)
Complete boxed board game, complete in perfect undamaged condition.
See photo of box for list of contents.
Space Marine Terminators VS Tyranids in the close confines of a Space Hulk.
I bought this brand new and have taken excellent care of it. I then purchased the 4th Edition box set when GW did a strictly limited run of it in 2014. This was so I could join the contents of two boxed sets together to play giant custom 4 player space hulk missions. This is why these Terminators were painted blue (Ultramarines) - to differentiate from the identical but red (Blood Angels) squad I also own - for 2 space marine players. We no longer play much Space Hulk due to everyone now being into Warhammer 40k, so this extra box set is no longer needed.
All unique to this boxed set, and can be used in games of Warhammer 40k. Includes unique Librarian in Terminator Armour and Genestealer Broodlord.
- The Terminators are well painted, as Ultramarines. They can be easily repainted or even stripped if desired. Some have been stuck to 40mm WH40k bases, which can be removed if desired.
- The Genestealers are all undercoated chaos black, with a few models being semi painted. All existing paint jobs are quite neat and of a very decent standard.
Nothing is damaged. Everything in perfect condition, and everything is accounted for, every single blip, token, marker, and each individual board section. No rips, no tears, all prefect.
- Everything accounted for except one item - the little sand timer has gone missing. Very easy to replace, was nothing special just a generic plastic sand timer, can be borrowed from any other boardgame easily, or not even used in the game at all if desired.
Fantastic board game for a casual, faster paced night of alernative Warhammer 40k gaming, also fantastic for introducing new players to the world of WH40k with simplified rules. Since getting into Space Hulk, we've all become die hard WH40k collectors and players.
Any questions or queries feel free to email or text, phone calls not preferable. Am willing to package safely and post Australia wide for an extra cost.
Thanks for looking !!
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